Site Purpose
A fun puzzle game
Bobert's Video Chat
A video chat that works on computers and mobile devices
A simple site that you can play chess on
Convenient Flash Games
A page full of playable flash games
Drive TV
A slide show filled with TV shows
Easy Photoshop
A simple photo editor
Game Creator
A game creator
Game Star Mechanic
Another game creator
Google Pac-Man
A Google doodle where you can play Pac-Man in the Google logo
Google Snake
The classic game "Snake" remade by Google
A simple quiz game that you can play with multiple people
Lorestrome Games
Indie flash games you can play. (Need more time in ISD to play)
Avoid clicking on mines by calculating
Mouse Trap
A puzzle game that you shouldn't play if you are angry seeing as you will probably smash your screen in
A puzzle game where you move blocks into places and clear lines
Type Racer
A typing game where you can practice typing or see who can type a quote the fastest against other people online
Youtube to MP3 Converter
A site that allows you to input a a youtube video link and download the audio from the video in MP3 format